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The Grand Tour - Season Two

Sekrit's music features on 'The Grand Tour' season two episode eleven.

Mouth of Hell - A Closer Look

Trailer for 2017 BAFTA nominated film

Mouth Of Hell - Teaser Trailer


All shows sold out at the Ovalhouse Theatre.

Synopsis - When a young black man, Brian, dies in police custody, it sends shock waves across the community. Reeling from his death, Brian’s family struggle to make sense of their loss, whilst pursuing a lengthy court battle to find justice.
Inspired by creator Urban Wolf's own experiences with the police, this stark and timely new play written by Tom Wainwright explores how young black men are slipping through the cracks in society.

Sekrit’s compositions provide a gritty sound design that is suitably ominous.’ - Theatre Mates

Custody trailer
Knight Frank Global Capital Markets Group
'Sacred Rhythm' for Felt Music

A contemporary fusion of rich atmospheric world soundtrack featuring live percussion and sacred chants. Click here to listen.



Sekrit's track 'Raw Redemption' is used for dance performance 'One%' a 14 minute dance performance choreographed and performed by Jamaal O'Driscoll. One% made its debut performance at the Birmingham Weekender Festival 2019 and has also been performed at Breakin Convention 2020 at Sadlers Wells. Click on track below to listen to 'Raw Redemption'

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 14.25.11.png

My Next Fairtrade Adventure

(Part 1 & 2)

Synopsis - Tayna, a student from North London, travels to Kenya to find out how climate change is affecting tea farmers and how Fairtrade can tackle some of the effects.
This film won Highly Commended in the Geographical Association Publishers' Award which recognises resources that make a significant contribution to geography in schools or colleges.

God City

Performed at Shuffle Festival 2016
Synopsis - If House of Cards had a love child with Adventure Time, GOD CITY would be it.

god city.jpg
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