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Dan Bilbrough a.k.a Sekrit is a fully qualified Sound Therapist having studied with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), passing with distinction. Playing instruments such as Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs and Drums in therapeutic ways to help improve people's health and/or wellbeing.

He brings his experience as a Sound Therapist, as well as a touring musician and recording artist, to curate sounds of a deep sense of peace, helping to calm the mind and body from any stress and to experience release in your life.   


Sound Therapy sessions can be hugely beneficial for health and wellbeing be it mentally, emotionally and physically. This is done through the carefully chosen instruments used, the frequencies and vibrations that are produced.    






















(Group sessions)

Experience the immersive rejuvenating frequencies of a Sound Bath bringing you into a state of relaxation.


Through the use of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gong and Percussion, Dan produces sounds as an enabler to help you feel more relaxed, enriched, connected and in harmony with yourself. In these sessions everyone will lay down on something comfortable i.e yoga mat, cushions closing their eyes to soak in the sounds. A special unique experience is sure to be had.


Sound Baths are great to have as part of your wellbeing days for your company, organisation, work place and away days with your team.

Dan also runs a resident Sound Bath in a intimate historic Chapel in Bethnal Green, East London. If you are interested in attending these then please click here and select the dates you would like to attend. 


Please watch video below to get an idea of what a Sound Bath looks like.


'My experience with Sekrit’s sound bath was incredible. Through his skillful playing and curating of sounds I was able to achieve a state of deep calm and self reflection.


Through the session I found myself having the ability to experience the calm required to gather thoughts that were moments before just jumbled in my brain and journey through emotions, good and bad, whilst tending to them in a compassionate way.


The environment lends itself to allow us to meditate. I just wasn’t expecting it to be such a deep and impactful experience. Thankful for his work and looking forward to the next one.'


- Ricardo Castro

'Dan used a variety of different sound therapy instruments but the gong was what stood out for me. Dan evoked a powerful visual for me during the sound meditation, I saw a dragon which to me is symbolic of purification. Look forward to the next one! Thank you for a lovely experience! '


- Laura

'I recently was fortunate enough to attend an intimate soundbath at a small Chapel in Bethnal Green with Sekrit. It was lovely to lay back, relax and listen to the sounds. I briefly fell asleep to the gong but left feeling rested and recharged. Thank you Sekrit I look forward to the next one'


- Leanne


One to one sessions are curated to fit your needs, what you want to work on to ultimately experience  release in your life, enabling you to move forward and improve your health and wellbeing.


A bespoke sound treatment is applied, carefully choosing which instrument(s) to play and techniques used as you lay down comfortably, with eyes closed experiencing the rich sounds and textures of the instruments. 


Simple examples -  You might be feeling stressed, so a sound treatment would be produced that would help you to feel more relaxed and reduce stress. Or you could be holding limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve. Instruments would be carefully chosen and played in a way that will help build up confidence and belief in yourself more. 

Sessions involve reflective techniques for you to gain insight into your own personal process. 

Intersessional tasks are given at the end of each session for you to use in between sessions to help maintain, reflect and/or process how you feel after the sound treatment.

(May have to click 'Watch on YouTube' to work on your browser)

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