Truly a man of rhythm, his productions reflect his expansive view on music. A musical visionary with a truly global aesthetic

- Kengo Oshima

(4 To The Floor/Soho Radio)

"Dope instrumental producer, dope percussionist & drummer"

- Poetcurious (Soho Radio)

Fiyah!”- Sophie Callis

(Worldwide FM, Soho Radio)

"This is lush"
- Tina Edwards
(Worldwide FM)

Sekrit is a composer, drummer, percussionist, beat maker and DJ. His sound fuses elements of hip-hop, electronica beats and rhythms whilst drawing inspiration from his spiritual journey.

His performances synthesises live hip-hop & experimental drumming, electronic sounds and tabla playing curating rhythmic soundscapes, emotive melodies, hard hitting beats with authentic textures. The performance settings vary from upbeat club vibes to reflective moods that both bring an inspiring spiritual experience.

Introduced to the drums at the age of 8. Developed his drumming under the tutelage of legendary drum teacher Bob Armstrong, going onto perform in some of the most renowned venues  in the UK as well across Europe and Asia.

Sekrit found a love for hip-hop and drum n bass in the mid-90s. His interest in these artforms led him into DJing & producing beats under a previous alias for underground hip-hop artists. During this period he had DJ slots on BBC 1Xtra & Choice FM (now Capital Xtra).


In his later teens Sekrit became hooked on particular albums from The Roots, D'angelo, Erykah Badu and Common. One of the main reasons for this was the raw live drums, producing tight yet 'human  feel' hip-hop beats. This along with being influenced by electronica music planted a seed for what was to come later, in  bringing his beat-making and live drumming worlds together. As well as hip-hop, Sekrit grew up also listening to the likes of Radiohead, Bjork, Roni Size, Talvin Singh, Afro Celt and DJ Shadow.

2011 began a new adventure for Sekrit in learning the tabla. He was captivated by the instrument from his trip to India in addition to being exposed to Bollywood, Indian classical and fusion music. This added a new dimension in expressing himself musically.

Sekrit has composed soundtracks for short films, dance performances and theatre which have included the trailer for 2017 BAFTA nominated film 'Mouth Of Hell', 'One%' at Breakin Convention 2020 and play ‘Custody’ directed by BAFTA award winner Gbemisola Ikumelo which received 5 star reviews and a UK tour. His music has also featured on Channel 4's 'How To Paint The Mona Lisa', BBC News 24, Amazon Prime's 'The Grand Tour' and hit show 'Top Gear'. Sekrit's music has received radio play from some of the top DJs in the UK as well.


He co-hosts and performs at his events with his brother and collaborator Wilderthorn.

  • 'The Rhythm', a night of improvised music and movement responding to each other.

  • 'Immerse', an ambient-music experience where Wilderthorn & Sekrit create sonic textures and instrumental pieces.

Sekrit has a couple of short films called 'Rhythmic Prayer' where he plays improvised rhythms in unique spaces. You can watch these on Youtube. Also on his YouTube channel is a series called 'Sekrit Sessions' where MCs freestyle over his beats while he's DJing.

Sekrit also hosts 'The Sekrit Podcast'. The show features a range of experienced individuals from the arts, media & sport. You'll hear about their creative journeys, stories and topics important to them, with an aim to create a spark that ignites fresh inspiration to the listener.


"outsanding......drums are exceptional and different"
- Marcia Carr (Rinse FM)

"Heavy, heavy business...

you can hear it in your teeth"

- Neil Bopperson

(Le Mellotron, Worldwide FM)